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Queenie Lasoul is a poet turned artist emerging within Atlanta’s music scene. Working in a location not shy of musical talent, the gifted lyricist makes shining her light seem effortless. Queenie conveys her inner poetic meditations over mellow yet energetic and reflective tunes with a sound like no other. The music’s foundation carries a dynamic blend of soulful rap tones alongside melodic bars and RnBass vibes.


Greatly Influenced by various legends such as Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z, and Drake, Queenie strives to show the importance of finding one’s purpose, simultaneously taking pride in showcasing her witty wordplay, luminescent delivery, and dynamic cadence. Life’s moral inconsistencies, and the pursuit of freedom via self-expression, fueled Queenie’s choice to transform her poetic outlet into a successful career by sharing her musical art.


Her path began with summer 2018’s debut EP release “Before The Getaway,” featuring the 90’s tribute single “Who Got the Vybe,” which supported Queenie in growing an audience via compelling stage performance. This recognition elevated Queenie to be featured on platforms such as Spill the Tea’s “Show and Cypher,” along with performances on stages such as “Bonfire ATL,” “The Spectacular Black Girl Art Show,” and “The University of FRAMES.” Queenie released her sequel EP “The Getaway Car” in Fall 2020, with the single “Chillin’ In Our Ways” garnering fan recognition in over 92 countries worldwide.

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